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SHINE Statewide Youth Leadership Teams


The GLSEN SHINE Team is a group of student leaders working to create safer schools and communities throughout Washington. The team members will meet regularly throughout the year to develop skills, form a network of other youth leaders, and organize programs in the community that promote respect for LGBTQIA+ students.  


The vision behind the SHINE Team is a belief that youth and students know what challenges they're facing better than anyone else, and, if youth are given all the resources that big organizations like GLSEN has to offer, they can tackle these problems better than any adult can.  


Active participants in SHINE will receive a stipend for $100 at the end of the program.  


Our application for the 2022-2023 are NOW open, with a priority due date on October 30. After this date, applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, but the stipend will be prorated based on start date.

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