Professional Development 

Based on almost 30 years of experience working to make schools safer, healthier and more respectful for LGBTQ youth, GLSEN has developed effective training tools that empower K-12 educators to ensure that all youth have access to meaningful educational experiences.

Focused on building adult allies in our nation’s schools and rooted in research-based training methods and adult learning principles, GLSEN Professional Development Workshops are integral to comprehensive approaches to ensuring safe and inclusive schools.

GLSEN research shows that the presence of supportive educators can have a significant positive impact on LGBT students’ academic achievement, as well as on their psychological well-being and longer-term educational aspirations.


GLSEN Professional Development Workshops aim to empower educators to be the allies that LGBTQ youth need.

GLSEN WA is working with school districts across the state to implement training programs to help educators learn how to make their schools safer for all students. 

If you are interested in bringing GLSEN Washington to your school, conference, district meeting, etc we use a sliding scale fee system based on the length and nature of training, group size, and your organization's budget. GLSEN Washington can offer trainings of 1-6 hours, depending on your needs and our capacity.

NOTE: For GLSEN Professional Development Workshops, the term “educator” includes, but is not limited to: Current or future K-12 Teachers, Administrators, Counselors, Paraprofessionals, Librarians, Nurses, Bus Drivers, District Staff, School Resource Officers, Cafeteria Workers, etc.



Creating Safer Spaces

Using GLSEN research and resources, participants will develop an understanding of the importance of adult allies to LGBTQ students and explore the specific ways in which they can educate, advocate for and support LGBTQ students. Participants will learn techniques for bullying prevention and intervention, receive guidance on supporting trans students, and discuss case studies of various scenarios that might come up in their schools.


Ready, Set, Respect

Using a social justice framework, elementary educators will develop an understanding of the importance of integrating gender diversity and a variety of family structures, including LGBTQ-headed families, into elementary school culture. Participants will review basic terminology around gender and sexuality, discuss techniques for bullying prevention and intervention, and generate curricular and social-emotional techniques for building or enriching a positive learning environment in which all students, families, and educators feel safe, respected, and celebrated for the diversity that they bring into their school community.


Inclusive Curriculum

Using GLSEN research and resources, participants will develop an understanding of the importance of adult allies to LGBTQ students, and explore the ways in which educators  of any grade and topic can educate, advocate for and support their LGBTQ students. Participants will receive specific curricular recommendations for elementary, middle and high school students, as well as broader advice on how to most effectively implement inclusive curriculums in their school.


Changing the Game

Designed for PE teachers, coaches, and athletic directors, this training will encourage respect, safety and equal access for all students, teachers, and coaches, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression. Participation in sports and physical activity at school has been shown to have positive effects on students' physical health, self-esteem, and sense of connectedness to schools. Unfortunately, sports is often one of the areas where LGBTQ students feel most unsafe. By tackling an environment that is often seen as hostile and unsafe for LGBTQ students, schools can help shift the overall school climate to ensure safe, respectful, and inclusive schools for all students.

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This presentation is an introduction to GLSEN Inc. and our GLSEN Washington State chapter. It is a great way to start the conversation about LGBTQ+ student experiences in K-12 education. According to GLSEN’s national research on the experiences of LGBTQ youth in schools, nearly 4 in 5 LGBTQ students don’t see positive LGBTQ representation in their curriclum and nearly 9 in 10 experience verbal or physical harassment  at school. GLSEN has discovered 4 main supports that can improve students’ experiences: enumerated policy, supportive educators, student led clubs, and inclusive curriculum.

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Become a Trainer

Our PD trainings are led by our team of volunteer facilitators. All of our dedicated facilitators go through extensive training to ensure they bring knowledge, professionalism, and necessary information to your school. This extensive training starts with the TOT: the Training of Trainers. It includes not only an extensive review of GLSEN research and training materials but also hands-on practice and application of those materials so that all trainers feel confident facilitating trainings for K-12 staff, teachers, and administrators on how to make their schools safe for LGBTQ+ students. If you are interested in becoming a trainer, please fill out a volunteer form or email


Coming soon. GLSEN will be offering our "Intentional Inclusion" module series with 4 Core modules. Each of these modules are 2 hours long can be done individually or collectively. 

  • Module 1: Foundations: Shared Language and Analysis for LGBTQ+ Inclusion

  • Module 2: Eliminating Exclusion of LGBTQ+ People at School

  • Module 3: Proven Practices for LGBTQ+ Inclusion

  • Module 4: Embedding Equity: Action Planning for LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Link and module descriptions will be available soon.