State Anti-Bullying & Harassment Legislation

This statement explains why anti-bullying and harassment legislation is important. It outlines the legislative intent of the law that can serve as reference in the context of relevant court cases. The inclusion of this section— which describes the importance of creating a safe school environment, and the ways in which bullying and harassment adversely affects students —can help in the implementation and enforcement of the law.


Model Local Education Agency Bullying and Harassment Prevention Policy

The following model policy for LEAs is intended to provide a framework that helps educators address bullying and harassment in schools. This resource is intended to be adaptable to the specific needs of LEAs and schools. The model policy considers federal and state policy frameworks. It includes the LEA components GLSEN recommends in the model state anti-bullying and harassment legislation, along with additional components from LEA policies across the country.


Model Local Education Agency Policy on Transgender and Nonbinary Students

Transgender and nonbinary students have been a part of our schools and education system for decades. However, for many educators and administrators, awareness of the unique needs of these students represents new and sometimes confusing issues to consider. Together through this document, GLSEN and NCTE, are here to assist, to ensure that all students have a safe and welcoming educational environment.

Model Policy