Jared Stern-Rogers

SHINE Team Chair

Jared G. Stern Rogers has served on the GLSEN Washington board since March of 2020. As the youngest current board member, they took up their position at the age of 18, where, at the time, they were still a high school student leading Nathan Hale High School's Pride Club (GSA).

Currently, as the Youth Leadership & SHINE Chair, they work to facilitate GLSEN Washington's statewide LGBTQ+ youth leadership program, SHINE. This group of over 15 queer and transgender students from everywhere to Seattle to Puyallup to Walla Walla works to tackle LGBTQ+ issues like: the increased levels of discrimination that BIPOC LGBTQ+ individuals face; the over-fetishization of lesbian individuals; and the lack of inclusive health and sex education for the LGBTQ+ community. This year, they are also working to create systems of accountability for school administrations and on connecting GSA groups by creating a GSA network.

Additionally, in their role at GLSEN Washington, they co-lead the nonprofit's statewide Virtual GSA, where they aid in the group's mission to create a community in which queer and transgender youth feel secure and empowered in your their identities, LGBTQ+ or otherwise.

For inquiries about SHINE, Jared can be reached at the group's email:
For more general inquiries, please reach out to his personal GLSEN Wash. email: